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Lotus Elan Sprint- Rebuild

First rebuild with Spyder chassis was carried out in 2 weeks. Basically it was just to replace the chassis. Fitted new brake pipes, all bushes, bearings and shockers but everything else was just removed and refitted. This chassis lasted about 12 years of everyday use and was waxoiled but the North East salted roads rusted out the rear section.

Corner of garage

Spyder chassis removed and the rust to the rear becomes apparent.

Rebuild with Lotus parts.

3 cars in a 2 car garage. It was a tight fit but just enough room to work. I had more time to do the change and spent about 6 weeks this time.

Lotus chassis used this time to keep the car more original.

Lots more parts replaced.

Fitted new springs and shockers, all new brakes and bushes.

Body shell was in good condition and left untouched the interior was howerver all replaced.

The Rusty bits

Who says Elans dont rust?


The wishbones fell apart on removal


Lots of new parts

New wishbones fitted front and rear.

Body shell

A few years after the chassis change the body was stripped of 19 layers of paint back to gel coat. Any imperfections were repaired and it was painted in it Gold leaf colours.