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Lotus Elan Sprint- History

Bought by me in 1984. Chassis at 12 Year old was rusted and was temporarily welded .Not something advised but with the dimensions checked and braced it worked out well. Used till funds allowed a new Spyder space frame chassis. This one lasted another 12 years before rusting away too. Next a Lotus galvansied chassis was fitted and has been on without problems since. The Elan has led an activce life being used as everyday transport, hillclimed, sprinted and even the odd classic rally. It is now used as a second car but still gets a good workout and used but not pampered.

First Chassis, welded then replaced by Spyder spaceframe chassis

Spyder Space frame Chassis used for 12 years daily and rusted through on the bottom rails, replace by Lotus Galvanised chassis


Sample image

Barbon Manor Hillclimb

Yorkshire Classic Rally

Wigton Motor Club Rally

Hillclimb paddock, Forestburn Scotland


Growing old, gracefully (NOT)