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Lotus Elan Sprint-Current

I restored the dash using veneer over the original. I asked the woodwork supplier for a veneer with a good grain, he suggested Teak. No, I said, I would like something exotic with lots of grain showing. Having inspected every veneer he had and non of them suitable he brought one more and asked if i liked it. Yes i said thats exactly what I want. Its Teak he replied .......

Interior was retimmed in Bridge of Weir hide with perforated inserts in the seats. Steering wheel is non original "Downton" make. I replaced a broken switch years ago thing that it would blend in over time, it has not,I have a replacement but have no intention of removing the dash again to replace it. The car has a modern MP3 player fitted but if I can find a Phillips push button it will be replaced.

Used in all weathers

Although no longer used as my daily transport it is used whenever needed

Growing old, gracefully